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We aim to support the increase of participation for men in the life of children.

In the UK, over 50% of marriages end in divorce, and within two years of separation two out of three of the children of these divorces no longer see their father.

In early years women outnumber men by 98%. In schools the figures for men involved in childrens education is also low.

We intend to show some of the best examples of practice on this website and to provide support for individuals and organisations.

Gender Equality Duty

In the UK it is acknowledged that childcare is one of the highest gender segregated occupations and requires local authorities under the Gender Equality Duty to report on how they are addressing this.

At we will campaign for the effective implementation of this policy.

Speaking up for dads

Kenny Spence

If it wasn't for The Lone Fathers Project, manager Kenny Spence (pictured) believes there are dads who would have given up the hope of ever seeing their children again.

"Many of the fathers we have worked with have been extremely isolated, lacking friends or family support," he says. "They are unlikely to meet other lone fathers and may be cut off from friends because of child care. By bringing the dads together, they realise they are not alone."

The project is a partnership with One Parent Families Scotland and Gilmerton Child and Family Centre, providing support to single fathers with young children and 'contact fathers' who look after their children for short periods of time. Read more