Men in Childcare
and Education Global Network

........Our objectives:
  • Our aim is to provide support for men in this profession, and those trying to enter or qualify for this. For qualification there are several entrance routes
  • Directly after secondary school
  • Career changers: (men decide after a period in a range of other jobs that they better do something with children; often highly motivated, but not specially/formally qualified.

    Problems here are

  • Image of Childcare and Education
  • Qualification courses are often very feminine (culture, style, subjects, competences)
  • Income while qualifying
  • Lack of qualification courses that reflect their needs
  • In service training (or any qualification while doing the job sometimes see Norway supervised by a qualified worker)
  • Extension of the group¬† if you are intersted in this topic and wish to be involved with our group please contact us at :